3 Reasons to Have Family Film

3 Great Reasons to Have a Family Film

So you’ve decided that it’s time to get updated photos of your family or your children. You don’t want to miss these moments or seasons of your family’s life; you know that it’s important to preserve these memories now or they’re lost forever. You’ll likely want some keepsakes (e.g. albums, matted prints or even wall art) that you can look at and share with your family and friends. Aww, the memories!!

Those are all great ways reminisce on some the greatest times with your loved ones, but have you considered having a short film of your family? Having a family film takes your memories to another level! It’s like preserving your memories in motion! I want to share with you 3 great reasons to have a family film.


Reason #1 – Films breathe life into your photographs

Films give you the added dimensions of sounds and motion that photographs just can’t do. Hearing your daughter laugh as you’re tickling her feet, or your son’s giggles after telling daddy a joke. How about seeing the kids fishing with dad on the lake during your summer vacation, or baking and decorating cookies for Halloween, or watching grandma and grandpa play peek-a-boo with their newest grandchild. Or the quiet moment of mommy and baby swinging on the swing on the front porch. Photos can capture these moments, but film brings these memories to life!

Reason #2 – Re-live special and authentic moments with family film

Do you remember the days when your parents or grandparents filmed your dance recital or play? How about Christmas morning or other holiday? What about your family vacations? I don’t know about you, but I love seeing the faces of my brothers and me opening up our gifts on a Christmas morning when we were young. These were true and authentic moments, even when we didn’t necessarily like some of the gifts we received.

Having a short film documented and set to carefully selected music by a professional, gives you the opportunity to watch and re-live your most cherished moments over and over again with your children and possibly their children.

Reason #3 – Our family films are great for everyone involved

There’s no need to worry about getting your husband involved or whether the kids will sit still long enough for a pose. We take a documentary/lifestyle approach to making our family films. These sessions are much more relaxed and somewhat carefree. This means that I capture you doing your favorite things or activities that you want to remember. This can be making breakfast on a Saturday morning, or a visit to the local zoo, or whatever has meaning for you and your family.

The best thing is that there is no posing (unless you want to) and no fake smiles. What you wear during your session is easier too! In most cases, most everyone will wear what is comfortable – even Johnny can wear his favorite Pokémon pajama set!

Bonus Reason – You can have both film and photographs

Why settle for only a film or a set of photographs when you can have both? We have family sessions that include both options. Each of our family film and photo sessions include a short film delivered on a custom USB drive and set of digital images. We also offer additional keepsakes such as albums to document your story in print. You’ll be able see your memories in print and motion and share with your family for a lifetime.

Do you have more questions about or want to schedule a family film and photo session? We’re available to answer your questions – Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!

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