Basix Mini Sessions

Introducing the Basix Mini Session

This mini session is a slight deviation from the standard portrait sessions that Five6teen offers. It is a 30 minute session with a very basic  set up. In this first offering, the set up will be at Five6teen’s studio using one light, a plain backdrop, and one prop.

The goal is to be as creative as possible while using only the simplest of set ups. In each session each person or group can expect a relaxed environment where one can just let loose and have fun with the shoot. Every session is a collaborative effort to bring out the “YOU” in each person. Everyone can relax, kids can be kids, and let’s have fun!

Here what one can expect from a Basix Mini Session:

  • 30 minute session (15 minutes for photos; 15 minutes to select photos).
  • 1- 4 people per session.
  • Each session will yield approximately 30-40 shots; I will quickly select 15 shots from which we will narrow down to about six.
  • The session fee is $125 which can be applied to your final purchase. (See special pricing).
  • Choose to purchase 1 to 9 hi-res photos.

The catch – I’m only offering the Basix Mini Session for TWO weekends: June 11th – 12th and June 18th – 19th. There are limited slots available so ACT NOW and REGISTER for your session TODAY!



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