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Birthday Sessions

Attention June birthdays! I have a special just for you! Call for a free portrait session and 24 keepsake wallet-size portraits.

Anniversary Special

May 16th is Five6teen’s one year anniversary! In celebration of this milestone, I’m giving away 16 free portrait sessions for one week only starting on May 16th. Check back on our Twitter and Facebook fan pages on May 16th for details on how to claim your free session

Urban Family Portraits

Outdoor family portraits are always stunning. My urban family portraits are a fun approach to traditional family portraits, taking place in locations such as downtown Boston, Worcester, or select alternate cities/towns. These unique location options can create a wide range of looks—from a rustic, old world vibe to sophisticated and modern, to eclectic and edgy. Take advantage of this beautiful weather while you can.

Outdoor Family Portraits

Your next family portrait will look amazing in one of our area’s most stunning parks, beaches or open spaces. Choose from our selection of locations, or choose one that has a special significance to your family.

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