Erica and Rob – A Nautical-Themed Wedding | Nahant Country Club – A Nahant Wedding Photographer

SneakPeek_7This is one wedding that I couldn’t be any more excited about as I got to see two of my good friends get married. On top of that they chose me as their photographer! Their wedding day was great in all aspects – location (Nahant Country Club), weather, people, etc. The wedding was based on a nautical theme, bringing out their love for the beach, adventure, and to some degree love to go nearby oceanfronts to watch storms come in.

Rob and Erica are perfect for each other and I’m so glad to see that they have finally tied the knot! Wishing them all the best and many years of love and happiness! Congrats, Erica and Rob!

Here are some photos from their special day. Enjoy!

IMG_9770 IMG_9784 IMG_9847 IMG_9846 IMG_9780 IMG_9814 IMG_9799 IMG_9822 IMG_9827 IMG_9787 IMG_9879 IMG_9881 IMG_9947-Edit IMG_9939-Edit IMG_9933-Edit IMG_9984 IMG_9974 IMG_9932 IMG_9915 IMG_9986-Edit IMG_9851 IMG_9853 IMG_9867 IMG_9785-2 IMG_0206 IMG_0204 IMG_0057 IMG_9819-2 IMG_9822-2 IMG_9834-2 IMG_0032 IMG_0046 IMG_9937-2 IMG_9846-2 IMG_9916-2 IMG_9914-2 IMG_9905-2 IMG_9890-2 IMG_9849-2 IMG_9871-2 IMG_9951-2 IMG_0098 IMG_9955-2 IMG_9966-2 IMG_0239 IMG_9998-2 IMG_0198 IMG_0180 IMG_0165-Edit IMG_0177-Edit

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